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[16:35] C: ahhhh k well im gonna have a nap.... wanna meet at my gangway at like 8?
[16:35] M: sounds good
[16:35] M: who are you going with? your cast?
[16:36] C: wowzers
[16:36] M: wowhat?
[16:36] C: im excited wowzers!!
[16:36] C: duh!
[16:36] M: hahahaha ok
[16:37] M: yes, me too
[16:37] M: i meet you there @ 8pm
[16:37] M: so take your nap
[16:38] M: take your shower
[16:38] M: and look pretty
[16:38] C: hahah nahhh im gonna come in my pyjamas with no make up on! haha
[16:38] C: ciao
[16:38] M: that's how i love you most. do it!
[16:38] M: see you soon